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Chesterfield furniture

Chesterfield furniture

Chesterfield Klassik Möbel GmbH. Chesterfield


Chesterfield Klassik Möbel GmbH Chesterfield

Chesterfield Klassik Möbel GmbHChesterfield

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About Chesterfield Europe

Chesterfield Europe is a brandname of a very high quality – handmade leather Chesterfield furnitures.
We are a chesterfield manufacture company in Europe, producing chesterfield leather furnitures  in accordance with old style – with hand made traditionell technology. 
Each Chesterfield sofa we provide is hand built by skilled craftsmen and we using only the best materials.
If you decided to choose us – you better know what you get with Chesterfield Europe.
You get:
- 100% cow leather
- 100% handcrafted furniture
- 100% comfort
- 100% competence
- Certificate, that confirms, your furniture has been made with the highest competence  and care of Chesterfield Skills.

What is Chesterfield?

Chesterfield is a furniture style but not a brandname. Chesterfield is a particular style within all types of furniture. In this category several brands are found, including Chesterfield Europe.

Original Chesterfield come from England. Is that true?

No, the story that only English Chesterfield is a good quality, is decades old invented myth. The Chesterfield style is after many centuries very popular and it is therefore evident that the number of producers have increased rapidly worldwide. To protect themselves against competitors from abroad, the English manufacturers have given themselves an elite status. This was a very clever marketing action. But there are manufacturers in the UK producing furnitures in very low quality.

Our main products:

Chesterfield furniture

Chesterfield Classic 1-seater
Chesterfield Classic 1 seater
Chesterfield Windchester 1-seater
Chesterfield Windchester 1 seater
Chesterfield Windsor 1-seater
Chesterfield Windsor 1 seater
Chesterfield Classic 2-seater sofa
Chesterfield Classic 2-seater sofa
Chesterfield Windchester 2-seater sofa
Chesterfield Windchester 2-seater sofa
Chesterfield Windsor 2-seater sofa
Chesterfield Windsor 2-seater sofa
Chesterfield Classic 3-seater sofa
Chesterfield Classic 3 seater sofa
Chesterfield Windchester 3-seater sofa
Chesterfield windchester 3 seater sofa
Chesterfield Windsor 3 -seater sofa
Chesterfield Windsor 3 személyes bőr szófa
Chesterfield St.James armchair
Chesterfields St James armchair
Chesterfield Pompadour daybed
Chesterfield Pompadour daybed
Chesterfield Classic chair
Chesterfield chair
Chesterfield King armchair
Chesterfield King armchair
Chesterfield corner sofa
Chesterfield corner sofa
Chesterfield bed sofa
Chesterfield bed sofa

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